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Das jeweilige Line-up des jährlichen Wacken Open Air Festivals in Wacken im Kreis Steinburg in Schleswig-Holstein in Deutschland.



Das 1. Festival wurde 1990 vom 24. bis 25. August 1990 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen ausschliesslich Bands aus Deutschland: 5th Avenue, Axe´n Sex, Motoslug, Sacret Season, Skyline, Wizzard[1]


Das 2. Festival wurde 1991 vom 23. bis 24. August 1991 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Bon Scott (Germany), Gypsy Kyss (USA), Kilgore (Germany), Life Artist (Germany), Ruby Red (USA), Shanghai´d Guts (Germany), Skyline (Germany)[2]


Das 3. Festival wurde 1992 vom 21. bis 22. August 1992 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 5th Avenue (Germany), Asmodis (Germany), Axe´n Sex (Germany), Bad Sister (Germany), Bai Bang (Sweden), Blind Guardian (Germany), De La Cruz, Doc Eisenhauer (Germany), Dr. Hörp (Germany), Eddie E., Highlander (Germany/Scottland), Ides Of March (USA), Incubator (Germany), Jolly Hangman, Mama´s Boys (Ireland), Morbid Mind (Germany), Motoslug, Pagan Spell, Paradise (USA), Play´n´Bleed (Germany), Saitensprünge (Germany), Saxon (England), Störspatzen Of Des (Germany), STS 8 Mission (Germany), The Waltons (Belgium), Vivian (Germany)[3]


Das 4. Festival wurde 1993 vom 20. bis 22. August 1993 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 5th Avenue (Germany), Abi Wallenstein (Germany), Ax´n Sex (Germany), Blue Velvet (Germany), Bon Scott (Germany), Buddy Lackey (USA), Chalice (Germany), Doro (Germany), Fast Lover (Germany), Fates Warning (USA), Gary Hughes (USA), Gorefest (Netherlands), Häwi Mädels (Germany), Heavenward (Germany), Highlander (Germany/Scottland), Holocaust (England), Jacks Hammer (Germany), Jingo de Lunch (Germany), Michael Dickes (USA), Noisy Act Of Protest (Netherlands), Plan B (Germany), Railway (Germany), RAX (Germany), Riverdogs (USA), Samael (Switzerland), Sahara (USA), Skew Siskin (Germany), Torment (Germany), Toy (Germany), Trespass (England), Vivian (Germany), Warpath (Germany)[4]


Das 5. Festival wurde 1994 vom 19. bis 20. August 1994 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Ace Öf Spades (Germany), Atrocity (Germany), Chemical Breath (Netherlands), Finally Deceased (vormals Deceased) (Germany), Decision D (Netherlands), Dixi Gunworks (Germany), Easy Livin´ (Germany), Gamma Ray (Germany), Hannes Bauer & Orchester (Germany), Gnadenlos (Germany), Ken Templin (USA), Many Acts Of Maniacs (Germany), Moray (USA), Pagandom (Sweden), Paul Di´Anno´s Killers (England), Prollhead (Germany), Rausch (Germany), Riff Raff (Germany), Riverdogs (USA), Roan (Poland), Saintcatee (Germany), Skyclad (England), Stoney Rudolph & The Happy Mc Cardies (Germany), Suiciety (Germany), Tears For Beers (Germany), The Tea Party (USA), The Waltons (Belgium), Torment (Germany), U.K. Subs (England)[5]


Das 6. Festival wurde 1995 vom 19. bis 20. August 1995 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 5th Avenue, Amentia (Germany), Angra (Brazil), Bad Sister (Germany), Chalice (Australia), Creep (Germany), D:A:D (Denmark), Dark At Dawn (Germany), Das Auge Gottes (Germany), Depressive Age (Germany), Dixie Gunworks (Germany), Ghosts Of Dawn (Germany), Graue Zellen (Germany), Hate Squad (Germany), Laberinto (Venezuela), More About Dogs, Morgoth (Germany), Paragon (Germany), Phantoms Of Future (Germany), Pothead (Germany), Power of Expression (Germany), Pretty Maids (Denmark), Prime, Rape, Revelation, Schweisser (Germany), Solitude Aeturnus (USA), Temple Of The Absurd (Germany), Tiamat (Sweden), The Trauma (Germany), Trieb (Germany), Vanden Plas (Germany), Vocation (Germany)[6]


Das 7. Festival wurde 1996 vom 9. bis 10. August 1996 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Asylum (Germany), Atrocity (Germany), Bad Sister (Germany), Big Nothing, Böhse Onkelz (Germany), Crematory (Germany), Desert Storm (Austria), Dice , Dimple Minds (Germany), Dritte Wahl (Germany), Gorefest (Holland), Gorn, Grave Digger (Germany), Grind Machine, Kingdom Come (Germany), Kreator (Germany), Manos (Germany), OOMPH! (Germany), Pyogensis (Germany), Ramones Mania (Israel), Randalica (Germany), Ricochet (Germany), Schweisser (Germany), Secret Discovery (Germany), Sieges Even (Germany), Temple Of The Absurd (Germany), Theatre Of Tragedy (Norway), The Exploited (England), The Gathering (Netherland), Tom Angelripper (Germany), Vicki Vomit (Germany), Whils (Germany)[7]


Das 8. Festival wurde 1997 vom 8. bis 9. August 1997 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Aion (Poland), Alastis (Switzerland), Amorphis (Finland), Birth Control (Germany), Dimmu Borgir (Norway), Dismember (Sweden), Dissection (Sweden), Don Bosco, Entrust, Fox Force Five (Germany), Gainsay (Germany), Grave Digger (Germany), Grinning Sinner (Germany), Hammerfall (Sweden), Hassmütz (Germany), In Flames (Sweden), Iron Savior (Germany), Late September Dogs (Germany), Lake Of Tears (Sweden), Love Gun (USA), Motörhead (England), Mummlox (Germany), Overkill (USA), Paunch, Rage & Lingua Mortis Orchester (Germany), Raven (England), Rock Bitch (England), Samael (Switzerland), Saviour Machine (USA), Scanner (Germany), Sceptic Acceptance Sinner (Germany), Sodom (Germany), Steiger (Germany), Subway To Sally (Germany), Tank, Theatre Of Tragedy (Norway), The Automanic (Germany), Therion (Sweden), Tom Angelripper (Germany), Torment (Germany), Totenmond (Germany), U.D.O. (Germany), Umbra Et Imago (Germany), Undish (Poland), Virgin Steele (USA), Waltari (Finland), Zed Yago (Germany)[8]


Das 9. Festival wurde 1998 vom 7. bis 8. August 1998 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Am I Blood (Finland), Angel Dust (Germany), Anvil (Canada), Arch Enemy (Sweden), Atrocity (Germany), Benediction (England), Blind Guardian (Germany), Blind Passenger (Germany), Blitzkrieg (England), Bonfire (Germany), Borknagar (Norway), Children Of Bodom (Finland), Covenant (Norway), Crack Up (Germany), Cradle Of Filth (England), Crematory (Germany), Darkseed (Germany), Dew-Scented (Germany), Disbelief (Germany), Doro (Germany/USA), Dritte Wahl (Germany), Edguy (Germany), Gamma Ray (Germany), Goddes Of Desire (Netherlands), Gorgoroth (Norway), Hades Almighty (Norway), Haggard (Germany), Heavenwood (Portugal), Hollow (Sweden), Holy Mother (USA), Hypocrisy (Sweden), Iced Earth (USA), Iron Savior (Germany), In Extremo (Germany), J.B.O. (Germany), Krabathor (Czech Republic), (Kreator) (Germany), Lacuna Coil (Italy), Manos (Germany), Nevermore (USA), Night In Gales (Germany), Nocturnal Rites (Sweden), Old Man's Child (Norway), Pegazus (Australia), Postmortem (USA), Primal Fear (Germany), Raise Hell (Sweden), Rough Silk (Germany), Ryker's (Germany), Sacred Steel (Germany), Sadist (Italy), Savatage (USA), Sentenced (Finland), Skyclad (England), Soulburn (Netherlands), Sons Of Damnation (USA), Stahlhammer (Germany), (Stigmata IV) (Austria), Stratovarius (Finland), Sundown (Sweden), Sweet Noise (Poland), Sweet Savage (Ireland), Tom Angelripper (Germany), Tankard (Germany), Temple Of The Absurd (Germany), Devin Townsend (Canada), Unrest (Germany), Vader (Poland), Virgin Steele (USA), Voivod (Canada), Warrior (USA) [9]


Das 10. Festival wurde 1999 vom 6. bis 7. August 1999 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Agent Steel (USA), Amon Amarth (Sweden), Angra (Brazil), Atrocity (Germany), Axel Rudi Pell (Germany), Axxis (Germany), Bewitched (Chile), Blind Passengers (Germany), Brainstorm (Germany), Cannibal Corpse (USA), Crematory (Germany), Cult (USA), Death SS (Italy), Destiny´s End (USA), Destruction (Germany), Dimmu Borgir (Norway), Edguy (Germany), Eisregen (Germany), Eläkeläiset (Finland), Enslaved (Norway), Europe (Sweden), Fates Warning (USA), God Dethroned (Netherlands), Graveworm (Italy), Hammerfall (Sweden), Immortal (Norway), In Aeternum (Switzerland), In Extremo (Germany), Jaguar (England), Jag Panzer (USA), Killer (Belgium), Leatherwolf (USA), Labyrinth (Italy), Lefay (Sweden), Marduk (Sweden), Marshall Law (England), Mayhem (Norway), Memory Garden (Sweden), Metal Church (USA), Metalium (Germany), Mercyful Fate (Denmark), Mindfeed (England), Mystic Circle (Germany), Napalm Death (England), Nevermore (USA), Paradox (Germany), Paragon (Germany), Pariah (England), Powergod (Germany), Pretty Maids (Denmark), Primal Fear (Germany), Rage (Germany), Razor (Canada), Reverend Jürgen & Igor (Germany), Richthofen (Germany), Roland Grapow & Band (Germany), Saxon (England), Sinner (USA), Six Feet Under (USA), Solitude Aeternus (USA), Spock´s Beard (USA), Steel Prophet (USA), Subway to Sally (Germany), The Crown (Sweden), Temple Of The Absurd (Germany), Therion (Sweden), Threshold (England), Torment (Germany), Totenmond (Germany), Tristania (Norway), Tygers Of Pan Tang (England), The Gathering (Netherlands), The Sygnet (Germany), Tom Angelripper (Germany), U.D.O. (Germany), Uli John Roth (Germany), Umbra et Imago (Germany), Warrant (Germany), Wardog (USA), Warhammer (Germany), Witchery (Sweden), Whiplash (USA)[10]



Das 11. Festival wurde 2000 vom 4. bis 5. August 2000 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Agathodaimon (Germany), Ancient (Norway), Angel Witch (England), Annihilator (USA), Artillery (Denmark), Black Sweden (Sweden), Black Label Society (USA), Blaze Bayley (England), Breaker (USA), Chantal Chevalier (Germany), Dark At Dawn (Germany), Dark Age (Germany), Dark Funeral (Sweden), Dee Snider (USA), Demon (England), Doro (Germany), Deranged (Sweden), Desperados (Germany), Engine (USA), Entombed (Sweden), Freedom Call (Germany), Gamma Ray (Germany), Gaskin (England), Grim Reaper (England), Hades (USA), Heir Apparent (USA), Hypocrisy (Sweden), Iced Earth (USA), Immolation (USA), Jacob`S Dream (USA), Knorkator (Germany), Labyrinth (Italy), Late Nite Romeo (Germany), Liege Lord (USA), Lizzy Borden (USA), Lock Up (Sweden), Marduk (Sweden), Molly Hatchet (USA), Morbid Angel (USA), Mob Rules (Germany), Nightmare (France), Nightwish (Finland), October 31 (USA), Overkill (USA), Pain (Sweden), Pink Cream 69 (Germany), Praying Mantis (England), Raise Hell (Sweden), Rhapsody (Italy), Rose Tattoo (Australia), Royal Hunt (Denmark), Samson (England), Savage (USA), Sentenced (Finland), Six Feet Under (USA), Skew Siskin (Germany), Solstice (England), Spiritual Beggars (Sweden), Squealer (Germany), Steel Attack (Sweden), Stratovarius (Finland), Testament (USA), Tom Angelripper (Germany), Twisted Tower Dire (USA), Umbra Et Imago (Germany), Vader (Poland), Vanishing Point (Australia), Venom (England), Zakk Wylde (USA)[11]


Das 12. Festival wurde 2001 vom 2. bis 4. August 2001 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 16 Hell Ventiler (Germany), Annihilator (USA), Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (Germany), Arch Enemy (Sweden), Artch (Norway), Behemoth (Poland), Bionix (Germany), Blackshine (Sweden), Brainstorm (Germany), Cage (USA), Carnal Forge (Sweden), Chinchilla (Germany), Circle Of Grief (Germany), Crematory (Germany), Cryptopsy (Canada), Crystal Shark (Germany), Culprit (USA), Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), Death SS (Italy), Deceased (USA), Desaster (Germany), Dimmu Borgir (Norway), Exciter (Canada), Exhumed (USA), Exumer (Germany), Finntroll (Finland), Grave Digger (Germany), Hammerfall (Sweden), Helloween (Germany), Holy Moses (Germany), In Flames (Sweden), Jag Panzer (USA), Kamelot (USA/Norway), Kju (Germany), Knight Errant (Tyrkey), Krisiun (Brazil), Lacuna Coil (Italy), Lost Horizon (Sweden), Metalium (Germany), Mortician (USA), Motörhead (England), Mägo de Oz (Spain), Naglfar (Sweden), Napalm Death (England), Nasum (Sweden), Nevermore (USA), Night in Gales (Germany), Nightfall (Greece), Nightwish (Finland), Nostradameus (Sweden), Opeth (Sweden), Overkill (USA), Paragon (Germany), Paul Dianno & Killers (England), Primal Fear (Germany), Rage (Germany), Rawhead Rexx (Germany), Sacraphyx (South Africa), Saxon (England), Silent Force (Germany/USA), Sins Of Thy Beloved (Norway), Smoke Blow (Germany), Sodom (Germany), Soilwork (Sweden), Sonata Arctica (Finland), Soul Doctor (Germany), Stigma IV (Austria), Subway to Sally (Germany), Tad Morose (Sweden), Tankard (Germany), Deströyer 666 (Australia), The Haunted (Sweden), Impotent Sea Snakes (USA), The Traceelords (Germany), Therion (Sweden), Trail Of Tears (Norway), Vintersorg (Sweden), Warhammer (Germany), W.A.S.P. (USA)[12]


Das 13. Festival wurde 2002 vom 1. bis 3. August 2002 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Alabama Thunderpussy (USA), Amon Amath (Sweden), Angel Dust (Germany), Angra (Brazil), Avalanch (Spain), Blaze (England), Blind Guardian (Germany), Blitzkrieg (England), Borknagar (Norway), Bruce Dickinson (England), Candlemass (Sweden), Cannibal Corpse (USA), Children Of Bodom (Finland), Criminal (Chile), Debris Inc. (Members Of Trouble) (USA), Destruction (Germany), Dimple Minds (Germany), Domine (Italy), Dornenreich (Austria), Doro (Germany), Dream Evil (Germany), Dying Fetus (USA), Edguy (Germany), Eisregen (Germany), Evergrey (Sweden), Exodus (USA), Falconer (Sweden), Fleshcrawl (Germany), Green Carnation (Norway), Haggard (Germany), Heathen (USA), Heavenly (France), Hollenthon (Austria), Hypocrisy (Sweden), Immortal (Norway), In Extremo (Germany), Iron Savior (Germany), J.B.O. (Germany), Justice (Germany), Kalmah (Finland), Kotipelto (Finland), Kreator (Germany), Lock Up (England), Macabre (USA), Metalucifer (Japan), Mezarkabul (Turkey), Mob Rules (Germany), Mörk Gryning (Sweden), My Dying Bride (England), Necrophobic (Sweden), Nightmare (France), Nocturnal Rites (Sweden), Nuclear Assault (USA), Onkel Tom (Germany), Pretty Maids (Denmark), Primordial (Ireland), Pungent Stench (Austria), Raven (England), Rebellion (Germany), Red Aim (Germany), Rose Tattoo (Australia), Rottweiler (USA), Sabbat (England), Savatage (USA), Shakra (Switzerland), Sinergy (Finland), Stormwarrior (Germany), Stormwitch (Germany), Suidakra (Germany), Thunderstone (Finland), Torfrock (Germany), U.D.O. (Germany), Unleashed (Sweden), Vanden Plas (Germany), Vicious Rumors (USA), Vision Divine (Italy), Vomitory (Sweden), Warlord (USA), Wizard (Germany), Wolf (Sweden)[13]


Das 14. Festival wurde 2003 vom 31. Juli bis 2. August 2003 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Ancient Rites (Belgium), Annihilator (USA), Assassin (Germany), Bai Bang (Sweden), Callenish Circle (Netherlands), Carpathian Forest (Norway), Circle II Circle (USA), Dark Age (Germany), Dark Angel (USA), Dark Funeral (Sweden), Darkane (Sweden), Dew-Scented (Germany), Diamond Head (England), Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (Germany), Dismember (Sweden), Eidolon (Canada), Evidence One (Germany), Extreme Noise Terror (England), Freedom Call (Germany), Gamma Ray (Germany), Graveworm (Italy), Heaven Shall Burn (Germany), Human Fortress (Germany), In Flames (Sweden), Kataklysm (Canada), Lordi (Finland), Lotto King Karl (Germany), Malevolent Creation (USA), Masterplan (Norway/Germany), Metalium (Germany), Nile (USA), Obscenity (Germany), Onkel Tom (Germany), Oratory (Portugal), Primal Fear (Germany), Psychopunch (Sweden), Rage (Germany), Raise Hell (Sweden), Raunchy (Denmark), Rotting Christ (Greece), Running Wild (Germany), Sentenced (Finland), Seventh One (Sweden), Sinister (Netherlands), Sinner (USA/Germany), Slayer (USA), Soilwork (Sweden), Sonata Arctica (Finland), Stratovarius (Finland), Subway To Sally (Germany), Symphorce (Germany), Testament (USA), The Almighty Punchdrunk (Canada), The Crown (Sweden), Thyrfing (Sweden), Twisted Sister (USA), Twisted Tower Dire (USA), V8 Wankers (Germany), Vader (Poland), Victims Of Madness (Germany), Victory (Germany)[14]


Das 15. Festival wurde 2004 vom 5. bis 7. August 2004 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: After Forever (Netherlands), Amon Amarth (Sweden), Anthrax (USA), Arch Enemy (Sweden), Artefact (France), Astral Doors (Sweden), Bal-Sagoth (England), Brainstorm (Germany), Böhse Onkelz (Germany), Cannibal Corpse (USA), Cathedral (England), Children Of Bodom (Finland), Death Angel (USA), Destruction (Germany), Dio (England), Dionysus (Sweden), Disbelief (Germany), Doro & Warlock 86 (Germany/USA), Dr. Rock (Argentinia), Ektomorf (Hungary), Eläkeläiset (Finland), Engine Of Pain (Netherlands), Everfest (Germany), Feinstein (USA), Grave Digger (Germany), Griffin (USA), Gun Barrel (Germany), Gutbucket (Germany), Helloween (Germany), Hobbs Angel Of Death (Australia), Hypocrisy (Sweden), J.B.O. (Germany), Knorkator (Germany), Kotipelto (Finland), Mambo Kurt (Germany), Mayhem (Norway), Methedras (Italy), Misery Index (USA), Mnemic (Denmark), Motörhead (England), Mystic Prophecy (Germany), Nevermore (USA), Nocturno Culto (Norway), Orphanage (Netherlands), Paragon (Germany), Quireboys (Japan), Raunchy (Denmark), Reckless Tide (Germany), Satan (England), Satyricon (Norway), Saxon (England), Schandmaul (Germany), Sufferage (USA), Supersoma (Germany), The Rods (USA), Thora (Germany), Thunderstone (Finland), Unleashed (Sweden), Vanguard (Finland), Voodoma (Germany), Weinhold (Germany), Zodiac Mindwarp (England)[15]


Das 16. Festival wurde 2005 vom 4. bis 6. August 2005 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Accept, Apocalyptica, Axel Rudi Pell, Bloodbath, Candlemass, Cataract, Contradiction, Corvus Corax, Count Raven, Dissection, Doomfoxx, Dragonforce, Edguy, Eisregen, Endhammer, Endstille, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Finntroll, Goddess Of Desire, Gorefest, Hammerfall, Hanoi Rocks, Hard Time, Hatesphere, Holy Moses, Illdisposed, Kreator, losLos, Machine Head, Machine Men, Mambo Kurt, Marduk, Marky Ramone, Mercenary, Metal Church, Metalium, Mob Rules, Morgana Lefay, Mucc, Naglfar, Nightwish, Noise Forest, Obituary, Oomph!, Overkill, Panic Cell, Potentia Animi, Primordial, Reckless Tide, Regicide, Saeko, Samael, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Suffocation, Suidakra, Teräsbetoni, Torfrock, Tristania, Turisas, Vanguard, W:O:A Firefighters, Within Temptation, Zyklon[16]


Das 17. Festival wurde 2006 vom 3. bis 5. August 2006 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Aborted, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Atheist, Battlelore, Bloodthorn, Born From Pain, Caliban, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Children Of Bodom, Danko Jones, D'espairs Ray, Dezperadoz, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Ektomorf, Emperor, End Of Green, Fear Factory, Finntroll, Fleshgore, Gamma Ray, Hellfueled, In Extremo, Korpiklaani, Krieger, Krypteria, Lake Of Tears, Legion Of The Damned, Mambo Kurt, Metal Inquisitor, Michael Schenker Group, Ministry, Morbid Angel, Motörhead, Mystic Circle, Nevermore, Nocturnal Rites, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Primal Fear, Rose Tattoo, Scorpions, Six Feet Under, Soilwork, Soulfly, Subway To Sally, The Dogma, Transilvanian Beat Club, Tribe After Tribe, Uli Jon Roth, Victory, Vreid, WE, Whitesnake, Wintersun[17]


Das 18. Festival wurde 2007 vom 2. bis 4. August 2007 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 1349, All That Remains, Amorphis, Animal Alpha, Belphegor, Benedictum, Black Majesty, Blind Guardian, Blitzkrieg, Cannibal Corpse, ChthoniC, Communic, Destruction, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Dimension Zero, Dimmu Borgir, Dir En Grey, Disillusion, Drone, Electric Eel Shock, Enslaved, Fair To Midland, Falconer, Fastway, Grave Digger, Gutbucket, Haggard, Hatesphere, Heaven Shall Burn, Iced Earth, Immortal, In Flames, J.B.O., Kampfar, Lacuna Coil, Letzte Instanz, Mambo Kurt, Maroon, Mennen, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Narziss, Neaera, Norther, Pharao, Possessed, Rage, Rose Tattoo, Sabbat, Sacred Reich, Sahg, Samael, Saxon, Schandmaul, Secrets Of The Moon, Sodom, Sonic Syndicate, Stormwarrior, Stratovarius, Subway To Sally, Suidakra, Swallow The Sun, The Answer, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Sorrow, The Vision Bleak, Therion, Turbonegro, Turisas, Type O Negative, TYR, Unheilig, Volbeat[18]


Das 19. Festival wurde 2008 vom 31. Juli bis 2. August 2008 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 3 Inches of Blood, Airbourne, Alestorm, As I Lay Dying, At the Gates, Autumn, Avantasia, Avenged Sevenfold, Axxis, Before the Dawn, Carcass, Children Of Bodom, Concept Insomnia, Corvus Corax, Crematory, Cynic, Destructor, Dream of an Opium Eater, Enemy of the Sun, Ensiferum, Evocation, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Exodus, Girlschool, girugamesh, Gorgoroth, Grave, Hatebreed, Headhunter, Holy Moses, Iron Maiden, Job for a Cowboy, Kamelot, Killswitch Engage, Kreator, Krypteria, Lauren Harris, Leaves Eyes, Lord Belial, Lordi, Machine Men, Massacre, Mercenary, Metakilla, Mortal Sin, Mustasch, Nashville Pussy, Negura Bunget, Nifelheim, Nightwish, Obituary, Opeth, Powerwolf, Primordial, Psycho Punch, Sabaton, Saltatio Mortis, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Stam1na, Stone Gods, Sturm und Drang, Sweet Savage, The Bones, The Haunted, The Rotted, Torture Squad, Unearth, Van Canto, Warbringer, Watain[19]


Das 20. Festival wurde 2009 vom 30. Juli bis 1. August 2009 durchgeführt. Zum 20. Geburtstag des Festivals hatten 68 Bands für die 4 Bühnen des Hauptfestivals zugesagt.[20] Ingesamt standen116 Bands im Line-up: 5th Avenue, A Fine Day To Exit, Ade, Adorned Blood, Adorned Brood, Airbourne, Amon Amarth, Anthrax, ASP, Axel Rudi Pell, Bai Bang, Beneath, Bloodwork, Bon Scott, Borknagar, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Cadaver Race, Callejon, Cathedral, Coheed And Cambria, Crysys, Cumulo Nimbus, D-A-D, Der W, Doro, Dragonforce, Drone, Einherjer, Endstille, Engel, Enslaved, Epica, Eths, Fejd, Ferum, Feuerschwanz, Flotsam and Jetsam, Furion, Gamma Ray, Grand Magus, GWAR, Hammerfall, Heaven & Hell, Heaven Shall Burn, In Extremo, In Flames, Indidead, Ingrimm, Insidious Disease, Irr, Kampfar, Kielwater, Korpiklaani, Lacuna Coil, Leave Scars, Machine Head, Mambo Kurt, Motörhead, Napalm Death, Nervecell, Nevermore, Nine, Onkel Tom, Pain, Pentagram, Pentagramm, Rabenschrey, Rage, Ragnaröeck, Ragnaröek, Reason To Kill, Reincarnatus, Retrospect, Running Wild, Sarke, Saxon, Scarred, Schandmaul, Silence Means Death, Skyline, Subway To, Suidakra, Swashbuckle, T.a.n.k., Testament, The Bosshoss, The Fading, The Smackballz, The Waltons, Torment, Tracedawn, Trinitys Blood, Tristania, Trouble, Turisas, UFO, UK Subs, Victims Of Madness, Volbeat, Vreid, Wacken Firefighters, Walls Of Jericho, Whiplash, X-Plod

Der geplante Auftritt der US-amerikanischen Sludge-Metal-Band Kingdom of Sorrow wurde abgesagt.[21]



Das 21. Festival wurde 2010 vom 5. bis 7. August 2010 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 1349, 9mm, Abrogation, Alice Cooper, Altar, Amorphis, Anvil, Arch Enemy, Astral Doors, Atrocity, Battle Beast, Blaas of Glory, Black Out Beauty, Broilers , Brutus, By The Patient, Caliban, Candlemass, Cangaco, Cannibal Corpse, Cardiac Casper, Corvus Corax, Crucified Barbara, Dead Means Nothing, Debauchery, Degradead, Delain, Demolished, Despised Icon, Dew-Scented, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die Kassierer, Dymytry, Edguy, Ektomorf, End of Green, Endstille, Equilibrium, Eternal Legacy, Evile, Fanfara Kalashnikov, Fear Factory, Fiddler´s Green, Forever Storm, Frei.Wild, Frontal, Ghost Brigade, Gojira, Grave Digger, Hackneyed, Hanggai, Hathors, Hells Belles, Holy Grail, Ihsahn, Ill Nino, Immortal, Imperium Dekadenz, Iron Maiden, Job for a Cowboy, Kamelot, Kampfar, Katana, Killing Machine, Lake of Tears, Letzte Instanz, Lizzy Borden, Lock Up, Lord of the Lost, Lower Than Zero, Macbeth, Mad Max, Mambo Kurt, Metsatöll, Missing in Action, Mötley Crüe, Nightmare, No Dawn, Orcus O Dis, Orden Ogan, Orphaned Land, Overkill, Penthagon, Prayers of Sanity, Raging Mob, Raven, Red Hot Chili Pipers, Rezet, Rotting Christ, Schelmish, Secrets of the Moon, Seven Ends, Skanners, Slayer, Smoke Blow, Snakebite, Solstafir, Soul Stealer, Soulfly, Spit Like This, Stratovarius, Suicidal Angels, Svartsot, Tarja, The Boss Hoss, The Devils Blood, The Keltics, The New Black, The Other, The Six Pounder, Tiamat, Torfrock, Total Riot, Týr, U.D.O., Unleashed, Varg, Vice, Victims of Madness, Vita Imana, Void Creation, Voivod, W.A.S.P., Wistaria[22]


Das 22. Festival wurde 2011 vom 4. Juli bis 6. August 2011 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Accuser, Achren, Aeon Throne, Airbourne, Aphyxion, Apocalyptica, As I Lay Dying, Atrum, Avantasia, Battle Beast, Betontod, Blaas of Glory, Blechblosn, Blind Guardian, Blowsight, Bucovina, Bülent Ceylan, Bullet, Children of Bodom, Coldwar, Crashdïet , Danko Jones, Deadlock, Deathclocks, Dir En Grey, Dust Bolt, Edelweiss, Eläkeläiset, Ensiferum, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Exquisite Pus, Frei.Wild, Ghost, Girlschool, Golem, Hail of Bullets, Hämatom, Hammercult, Hayseed Dixie, Heaven Shall Burn, Helloween, Hellsaw, Horch, Iced Earth, Ignis Fatuu, In Solitude, Jim Breuer, Judas Priest, Kataklysm, Khold, Knorkator, Kreator, Kvelertak, Kyuss Lives!, Lacrimas Profundere, Leash Eye, Maiden United, Mayhem, Moonsorrow, Morbid Angel, Morgoth, Mortal Strike, Mother of God, Motörhead, Negator, Nekrost, Noein, Omnicide, Onkel Tom, Onslaught, Ozzy Osbourne, Paralytic, Pharao, Pneuma, Powerstroke, Primal Fear, Pussy Sisster, Rabenschrey, Reliquiae, Rhapsody of Fire, Rude Revelations, Russkaja, Sacramental, Saltatio Mortis, Sepultura, Seven Stitches, Severenth, Shining, Shraphead, Sirenia, Skálmöld, Skeletonwitch, Ski King, Ski´s Country Trash, Skindred, Slime, Sodom, Stier, Stormzone, Subway to Sally, Suicidal Tendencies, Suidakra, Tanker, Tauthr, The Aberlours, The Haunted, The Murder Of My Sweet, The Prophecy 23, The Smackballz, Tokyo Blade, Torture Squad, Triosphere, Triptykon, Trivium, Tsjuder, Van Canto, Venomin James, Victims of Madness, Virginia Clemm, Visions of Atlantis, Volcano, Voltax, Vreid, Warrant, X-Tinxion[23]


Das 23. Festival wurde 2012 vom 2. bis 4. August 2012 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Agro, Amaranthe, Amon Amarth, Athonite, Aura Noir, Axel Rudi Pell, Betontod, Blaas of Glory, Blechblosn, Broilers, BugGirl, Channel Zero, Chthonic, Circle II Circle , Cold Snap, Coroner, Corpse Garden, Cradle of Filth, Crimes of Passion, D-A-D, Danko Jones SW, Dark Funeral, Darkest Hour, Dead by April, Decapitated, Delain, Devil´s Note, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Dimmu Borgir, Dio Disciples, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Disquiet, Djerv, Dødheimsgard, Ease Of Disgust, Edguy, Eisenherz, Electric Hellride, Electric Wizard, Endstille, Epsilon, Eschenbach, Exuviated, Faanefjell, Fateful Finality, FDJ, Forbidden, Frantic Amber, Gamma Ray , Gehenna, Ghost Brigade, Gone Postal, Gothic, Graveyard, Hamferd, Hammercult, HammerFall, Helmut, Henry Rollins - Spoken Word, Hone Your Sense, In Extremo, In Flames, Ingrimm, Inquisitor, Insomnium, Jim Breuer, Kamelot, Kellermensch, Keule, Kobra And The Lotus, Kylesa, Leaves´Eyes, Leningrad Cowboys, Liquid Meat, Lord Shades, Machine Head, Mambo Kurt, Manimals, Manticora, Massacre, Megaherz, Midnight Priest, MindthreaT, Ministry, Mono Inc., Moonspell, Napalm Death, Nasum, Oomph!, Opeth, Opifex, OverKill, Panteón Rococó, Paradise Lost, Rain Shatter, RavenBlood, Red Fang, RiotGod, Russkaja, Rust2Dust, Sacred Reich, Sanctuary, Santiano, Saxon, Schandmaul, Scorpions, Sepultura, Shredhead, Sick Of It All, Six Feet Under, Soar Patrol, Suffocated, Suicide Silence, Sylosis, Testament, The Black Dahlia Murder, The BossHoss, The Falling, Torfrock, U.D.O., Unearth, Victims of Madness, Vogelfrey, Volbeat, Volksmetal, Volxrock, Warbringer, Warpath, Warrior Soul, Watain, WBTBWB, Weto, Winterfylleth, Winterstorm, Wölli & Die Band des Jahres, Yaksa, Zygnema[24]


Das 24. Festival wurde 2013 vom 1. bis 3. August 2013 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 9mm, Agnostic Front, Alestorm, Alice Cooper, Alpha Tiger, Amorphis, An Apple A Day, Annihilator, Anthrax, Anvil, ASP, Asthma, BackJumper, Behold The Grave, Benighted, Blaas Of Glory, Black Messiah, Blechblosn, Bob Wayne, Bullet, Bull-Riff Stampede, Callejon, Candlemass, Chrome Molly, Chronosphere, Comes Vagantes, Coppelius, Corvus Corax Meets Wadokyo, Count To Six, Crimson Shadows, Danzig, Deep Purple, Devil Driver, Devoid, Dew-Scented, Dezperadoz, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die Kassierer, Doro, Dr. Living Dead, Dunderbeist, Eat The Gun, Eisbrecher, Emergency Gate, Eskimo Callboy, Faun, Fear Factory, Fejd, Feuerschwanz, Finsterforst, Fozzy, Gnida, GOD The Barbarian Horde, Gojira, Grave Digger, Haggard, Hardcore Superstar, Harpyie, Hate Squad, Heavens Basement, Hellride, Henry Rollins - Spoken Word, Ignis Fatuu, Ihsahn, Impius Mundi, Industrial City, Infanteria, J.T. Ripper, Kärbholz, Kamikaze Kings, Karma Zero, Kill With Hate, Kryptos, La Chudra, Lamb of God, Legion Of The Damned, Leprous, Lingua Mortis feat. Rage, Live Karaoke Rockstarz, Mambo Kurt, Mandowar, Masters Of Comedy, Meshuggah, Midnight Scream, Motörhead, Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Mustasch, Mysterious Priestess, Nachtblut, Naglfar, Neaera, Nightwish, Nine Treasures, NullDB, Ophidian I, Overoth, Pampatut, Powerwolf, Pretty Maids, Rabenschrey, Ragnarok, Rammstein, Rebattered, Rotten Souls, Rotten State, Run Liberty Run, Russkaja, Sabaton, Santiano, Scott Ian - Spoken Word, Secret Sphere, Serum 114, SIC, Skyline, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Soulless, Spitfire, Spring and Autumn, Stahlmann, Subway To Sally, Suidakra, Thunder, Trallery, Tristania, Trivium, Ugly Kid Joe, Uli Jon Roth, Utopium, Vengha, Versengold, Victims Of Madness, W:O:A Firefighters, Whitechapel, Wirrwahr[25]


Das 25. Festival wurde 2014 vom 31. Juli bis 2. August 2014 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 5th Avenue, A Pale Horse Named Death, Accept, Agni Kai, Amon Amarth, Anstratus, Apocalyptica & Orchestra, Arch Enemy, Arthemis, asrock, August Burns Red, Avantasia, Ax ’n Sex, Bülent Ceylan, Backdawn, Battalion, Behemoth, Bembers, Beyond The Black, Black Star Riders, Blechblosn, Blind Channel, Bring Me The Horizon, C.O.P. UK, Carcass, Children Of Bodom, Chthonic, Collibus, Comes Vagantes, Convivium, Cosmogon, Crematory, Crescent, Crying Steel, Decapitated, Degradead, Demonic Resurrection, Der W, Devin Townsend Project, Dirty Shirt, Dismorial, Dordeduh, Dunkelschön, Earth Divide, Elmsfeuer, Emperor, Endstille, Eric Fish and Friends, Evocation, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Faun, Fiddler’s Green, Firkin, Five Finger Death Punch, Fleshgod Apocalypse, For The Imperium, Fork, Hämatom, Hammerfall, Hatebreed, Heaven Shall Burn, Hell, Hellhound, Hellyeah, Huldre, ICS Vortex, Impius Mundi, In Mute, J.B.O., John Diva and the Rockets of Love, Juodvarnis, Killface, Kin Beneath Chorus, King Diamond, Knorkator, Koldbrann, Kreator, Lacrimas Profundere, Letz-Zep, LIVEkaraoke ROCKSTARZ, Los Vagabundos, Magor, Mambo Kurt, Masterplan, Megabosch (Wasteland Stage), Megadeth, Motörhead, Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen, Mutank, Nachtgeschrei, Nailed To Obscurity, Neopera, Nightmare, Omnia, Onkel Tom, Pampatut, Plague Throat, Prong, Purest of Pain, Rabbit at War (Wasteland Stage), Red Helen, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Revolution Within, Roadwolf, Room Of The Mad Robots, Russkaja, Sacred Season, Saltatio Mortis, Santiano, Saor Patrol, Saxon, Schandmaul, Skid Row, Skyline, Slayer, Sodom, Starchild, Steel Panther, Tenside, The Badpiper, The Ocean, The Vintage Caravan, Timewaves, Torment, Trouble Agency, Van Canto & Special Guests, Victims of Madness, Vogelfrey, Vreid + Guests Sognametal 20 Years, W.A.S.P., W:O:A Firefighters, Ye Banished Privateers[26]

Ein Auftritt von Godsized war geplant, wurde aber abgesagt. Dafür traten sie dann 2015 auf.


Das 26. Festival wurde 2015 vom 30. Juli bis 1. August 2015 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: Alkbottle, Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Ancient Bards, Angra, Annihilator, Arana, Architects of Chaoz, Armored Saint, Asrock, At The Gates, Avatar, Baltic Sea Child, Bembers, Beyond The Black, Biohazard, Blaakyum, Blaas of Glory, Black Label Society, Blechblosn, Blood Red Throne, Bloodbath, Breakdown of Sanity, Burgerkill, Cannibal Corpse, Celtica, Combichrist, Comes Vagantes, Cradle of Filth, Crossplane, Cryptopsy, Cultus Ferox, Da Rocka und Da Waitler, Danko Jones, Dark Fusion, Dark Tranquillity, Dash The Effort, Deadiron, Death Angel, Deathless Legacy, Don Gatto, Dream Spirit, Dream Theater, Drescher, Ensiferum, Epica, Eric Fish & Friends, Ethereal Sin, Europe, Exumer, Falconer, Fat King Konrad, Feuerschwanz, For I Am King, Godsized, Grailknights, Harpyie, Haudegen, Ill Nino, Impius Mundi, Impureza, In Extremo, In Flames, ITCOM, John Diva, Judas Priest, Kaerbholz, Kataklysm, Khold, Knasterbart, Kommando, Kvelertak, Legacy ID, Libertad O Muerte, LIVEKaraoke Rockstarz, Lord Of The Lost, Mambo Kurt, Mantar, Materia, Megabosch, Metaprism, Monstagon, Morgoth, Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen, My Dying Bride, New Model Army, Nik Kai - Motörhead Label Launch, No Words (Nik Kai), Noctiferia, Nuclear Assault, Nuclear Chaos, Obituary, Oomph!, Opeth, Pampatut, Powerwolf, Queensryche, Renaissense, Rob Zombie, Rock Meets Classic, Running Wild, Sabaton, Samael, Santiano, Savage Machine, Savatage, Scratch The Floor, Sepultura, Shining, Shiraz Lane, Silius, Skiltron, Skindred, Skyline, Steve ´n´ Seagulls, Stoneman, Stortregn, Stratovarius, Subway To Sally, Suicide Silence, Summoned Tide, Sycorax, Tears for Beers, The Answer, The Black Spiders, The BossHoss, The Gentle Storm, The Loudest Silence, The Poodles, The Quireboys, Thyrfing, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Troldskugge, Truckfighters, U.D.O. mit Bundeswehr Musikkorps, Uli Jon Roth, Vesperia, Victims of Madness, Vroudenspil, W:O:A Firefighters, Walking Dead on Broadway, Walkways, Waltari, Within Temptation, Ye Banished Privateers, Zodiac [27]


Das 27. Festival wurde 2016 vom 4. bis 6. August 2016 durchgeführt. Im Line-up standen: 1349, 9mm, Alcest, Arch Enemy, asrock, Auðn, Axel Rudi Pell, Barb Wire Dolls, Bembers, BERLIN ALLSTARZ LIVE KARAOKE, Beyond The Black, Blaas of Glory, Blechblosn, Bliksem, Blind Guardian, Blue Oyster Cult, Bodhaktan, Bon Scott, Borknagar, Broken Witt Rebels, Budderside, Buffalo Summer, Bullet For My Valentine, Bury Tomorrow, Caliban, Callejon, Calm Hatchery, Carrion, Clutch, Cripper, Crows Crown, Dagoba, Deez Nuts, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Devil Driver, Die Krupps, Dio Disciples ft. a very special guest, Dragonforce, Dritte Wahl, Drone, Dystopia, Eat The Turnbuckle, Einherjer, Ektomorf, Elemental, Eluveitie, Elvenking, Entombed A.D., Equilibrium, Eric Fish and Friends, Eskimo Callboy, Fateful Finality, Feuerschwanz, Foreigner, Forgotten North, Freiwächter, Girlschool, GloryHammer, Hämatom, Hansen & Friends, Henry Rollins - Spoken Word, Honky, Horror Dance Squad, Hteththemeth, Ihsahn, Immolation, Insidious Disease, Iron Maiden, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar, John Coffey, Kampfar, King Dude, Knasterbart, Krayenzeit, Legacy Of Brutality, Legion Of The Damned, "Lemmy - born to lose, live to win", Lepergod, Lieveil, Loudness, Lynchpin, Mambo Kurt, Marduk, Metal Church, Michael Monroe, Miles To Perdition, Mindtaker, Ministry, Monstagon, Monuments, Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen, Myrkur, Nasty, Negative Approach, Orden Ogan, Orphaned Land, Overthrust, Pain is, Pampatut, Panzerballett, Parkway Drive, Phil Campbell's All Starr Band, Preternatural, Profaner, Pyogenesis, Pyraweed, Red Fang, Red Hot Chili Pipers, Reliquiae, Ritual Day, Saxon, Sebastien, Sector, Serious Black, Serum 114, Sinphobia, Skyline, Snowy Shaw, Steak Number Eight, Steel Panther, Sub Dub Micromachine, Sunless Dawn, Svartmalm, Symphony X, Syndemic, Tarja, Testament, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Dead Daisies, The Goddamn Gallows, The Haunted, The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats, The Other, The Raven Age, The Vintage Caravan, Therapy?, Therion, Tidal Dreams, Torfrock, Triptykon, Tsjuder, Tulkas, tuXedoo, Twisted Sister, Unisonic, Vader, Versengold, Victims of Madness, Vimoksha, Vogelfrey, W:O:A Firefighters, Watch Out Stampede, While She Sleeps, Whitesnake, Wirrwahr, Year of The Goat, Zhora, Zombies ate my Girlfriend[28]


Das 28. Festival wurde 2017 vom 3. bis 5. August 2017 durchgeführt.

Line-up: Aborted, Ahab, Alice Cooper, Amon Amarth, Annihilator, Apocalyptica, Architects, ASP, Aura Noir, Avantasia, Batushka, Beyond The Black, British Lion, Brujeria, Candlemass, Clawfinger, Crowbar, Cypecore, Dawn Of Disease, Dog Eat Dog, Emil Bulls, Emperor, Europe, Evil Scarecrow, Fates Warning, Fit For An Autopsy, Flotsam and Jetsam, Gand Magus, Grave Digger, Hämatom, Heaven Shall Burn, Heldmaschine, Hell-O-Matic, High Fighter, Imperium Dekadenz, Insomnium, J.B.O., Johnny Deathshadow, Kadavar, Kärbholz, Katatonia, Kissin’ Dynamite , Kreator, Kryptos, Lacuna Coil, Lords Of Black, Marilyn Manson, Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots, Mayhem, Megadeth, Memoriam, Mortiis, Napalm Death, Nile, Orange Goblin, Paradise Lost, Possessed, Powerwolf, Primal Fear, Prong, Psychotic Waltz, Rage, Russkaja, Sacred Reich, Saltatio Mortis, Sanctuary, Serenity, Skull Fist, Snoozebutton, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Stahlmann, Status Quo, Steak Number Eight, Subway To Sally, Tankard, The Amity Affliction, The Boomtown Rats, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Hirsch Effekt, Thundermother, Trivium, Turbonegro, Twilight Force, Ugly Kid Joe, UK Subs, Uli Jon Roth, Volbeat, Warpath, Warrant, Witchery, Wolfbrigade [29]

Line-up der Wackinger Stage, Wasteland Stage und des Biergarten: Aeverium, Asrock, Bai Bang, Blaas of Glory, Blechblosn, Corvus Corax, The Dolmen, Ereb Altor, Fuchsteufelswild, Ganaim, Charlie Harper, Harpyie, The HeadCat, Heimataerde, Henry Rollins, Livekaraoke Rockstarz, Mr. Irish Bastard, Mambo Kurt, Micromachine, NullDB, Null Positiv, Omnium Gatherum, The O’Reillys, Paddyhats, Pampatut, Rampart, SAOR Patrol, Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, Skálmöld, Skorbut, Skyline, Stinger, Sub Dub, Taina, Tears for Beers, Tengger Cavalry, Turbobier, Tuxedoo, T.V. Smith & Vom Ritchie, Versengold, Victims of Madness, W:O:A Firefighters, Waldkauz , Whiskey Dick, Wild Lies0, Wolfchant, Wolfheart[29]

Die US-amerikanische Metalcore-Band Walls of Jericho waren ebenfalls geplant, mussten den Auftritt jedoch kurzfristig absagen. Katatonia wechselte daher von der W:E:T-Stage auf die Louder-Stage.[30]


Das 29. Festival ist vom 2. bis 4. August 2018 geplant.